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Tincan Coffee is a Lexington, KY based coffee truck. Armed with a 1957 Canned Ham trailer, a coffee roaster, and a passion for sourcing the best ingredients, we aim to bring the best locally roasted coffee. We serve coffee from a culinary perspective. We pay great attention to each bean, roasting each variety in ways that will best showcase its unique flavors and quality. Treating coffee like the distinctive agricultural product that it is, being transparent about who grows our coffees, and rotating our offerings seasonally, means recognizing that quality is a result of collaboration through developing relationships between the roaster, the coffee producers, and our customers. Our goal is to provide our guests with a great time and a tasty beverage. Tincan grew out of the idea that coffee can bring people together and in that spirit, we invite you to join us to be part of a new, energetic and urban coffee experience.


Friday October, 3rd 7:00 PM
The Night Market
700 Bryan Avenue, Lexington, KY

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Tincan Coffee was featured in an article about unique food trucks in the Lexington Herald Leader. 

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Costa Rica Tarrazu

Medium Roast

These are the highest quality beans that Costa Rica has to offer. The volcanic soil of the coffee bean growing district of Tarrazú gives these beans a bright acidity. The coffee has fruity suggestions of apricot, berries and citrus. As you drink it, you will detect a honey-like like aftertaste with hints of chocolate, spices and malt. 

Guatemala Antigua

Dark Roast

Antiguan coffee has an attractive cocoa flavor and aroma. A touch of spiciness is detectable from this mild-flavored coffee. 

Peru Chanchamayo

Medium Roast

The best straight coffee from Peru, Chanchamayo is flavorful, aromatic, and mildly acidic. 

Colombia Cauca


Balanced sweetness and acidity with notes of golden raisin. 

Tincan Expresso Roast

This is our blend from Central and South America. Complex and strong, perfect for espresso. 







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